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"Events and results of 09-11 prove beyond any doubt that formal Contingency Planning under the scrutiny of senior management has now become crucial to the proper conduct and ongoing maintenance of DEFENSIBLE "Due Diligence".

As the US Supreme Court ruled that the disasters of last Sept 11 resulted from acts of Terrorism and/or War, insurance coverage put into place by competent and duly diligent Risk Management specialists will not apply.

Worse yet, of employers that did not have in place tested contingency plans for responding to emergencies, many are now defunct - or soon will be."

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Formal Contingency Planning is now essential to the effective conduct of Property & Liability Risk Management, and Loss Control. The purpose of such planning is to ensure Client/Customer Retention, by minimizing the length of business interruptions and ensuring the maintenance of ISO-quality operations through protecting key Business Systems and Core Employees.

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Such plans describe exactly how the organization will maintain the flow of goods and services to Customers / Clients under exceptionally adverse operating conditions, so must address every aspect of Operations.

Frequently, new opportunities for ongoing operational cost-reductions are also revealed.

It becomes imperative then, that plans be developed, tested, and implemented, so that �Due Diligence� is addressed in your organization and does not become a further problem. In this regard, we can help you in a number of ways to understand the concepts, help educate executive management, middle management, and operations personnel, develop a planning guide to assist in keeping your project on track, focused, and budgeted. As required, our team can assist in workshops, analysis, plan development, testing, implementation, and maintenance activity. There are numerous templates, and software packages available, however, all require a significant understanding of the BCP/DRPCMP (Business Continuity Plan / Disaster Recovery Plan / Crisis Management Plan) concepts.

If your organization does not have plans addressing BCP/DRP/CMP in place, then this Due Diligence requirement will mean significant change.

September 11th, 2001 has changed forever the Business Community in North America. You need to understand what that change means for you personally, and your organization. We are pleased to help you understand, and begin to put in place the plans necessary for your business continuity.

-The B2B Continuity Team   
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