Why Termite Control Should Be Left To Professionals

If there is one thing that homeowners loath is a termite infestation. It is a nightmare to any property owner as these pests are known to wreak major havoc on buildings. An uncontrolled termite infestation can literary tear your house down. In fact, it is estimated that the yearly cost of damages and termite treatment in the US is over 5 billion dollars. This just goes on to show how serious this problem is.

However, many homeowners fail to realize that termite control isn’t as simple as they’d expect. The digital age has granted us a wealth of information and resources, and whenever a concern arises about our homes, a vast majority of us will rush to the internet to find out whether there is a quick and cheap solution. With the internet, you can successfully achieve most DIY tasks, however, effective termite control is a lot more complex.

There are many factors that render DIY termite extermination ineffective as we are going to see later on. Many homeowners prefer DIY projects in order to save some extra cash. This is quite understandable considering you have to take care of bills and the high cost of homeownership. However, when it comes to termite control, your bid to save this little cash actually cost you more and leave your home in an even worse situation.

Let’s take a look at why termite control is best left to professionals.

Termite Control Requires Special Techniques

You might not be aware but there are three different species of termites. Treating an infestation of any of these species requires a different technique from the rest. In order to effectively eliminate the colony in your property, you need to successfully identify the species of the termite and employ the proper treatment. For the average homeowner, it is difficult to identify the species or the required technique. In addition, most DIY treatment kits offer a one-size-fits-all solution that is very ineffective.

Professional exterminators have the necessary knowledge, expertise, and resources to effectively get rid of termites.

DIY is Ineffective and Expensive in the Long Run

In addition to being difficult to exterminate, a termite infestation is also difficult to identify. With DIY, in the rare case that the treatment works, you will only be able to deal with the termites that you can see. However, a colony of termites can consist of thousands and, in some cases, millions of termites, mostly hidden in areas that you can’t easily access. If you don’t eradicate the termites from the source, you will be forced to frequently carry out termite control which will quickly get expensive.

Also, as discussed earlier, most DIY treatment kits don’t work, hence, you will have to try different types of treatments and repeatedly failing. This translates to wastage of funds and time. Remember, the more time you take to get rid of the termite infestation, the more extensive the damage to your house gets.

Professionals know what to look for in order to identify the signs and source of the infestation. After eradicating the infestation, they also put up measures to prevent future infestations.

DIY Termite Extermination is Risky

Regardless of which technique you utilize, termite control products have to be handled properly. There are specific rules that you have to follow, of which you might not understand or be aware of. You also need to have the required equipment. Professionals are properly trained to handle termite control products and also have the necessary equipment.