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"Events and results of 09-11 prove beyond any doubt that formal Contingency Planning under the scrutiny of senior management has now become crucial to the proper conduct and ongoing maintenance of DEFENSIBLE "Due Diligence".

As the US Supreme Court ruled that the disasters of last Sept 11 resulted from acts of Terrorism and/or War, insurance coverage put into place by competent and duly diligent Risk Management specialists will not apply.

Worse yet, of employers that did not have in place tested contingency plans for responding to emergencies, many are now defunct - or soon will be."

Don J. Brooks - CBCP   

Don J. Brooks CBCP

Don is a leading specialist in the Telecomunications world. He has over 30 years of Telecommunications experience including projects for Bell Canada, Bell Mobility, NorthwestTel Ltd. and Sprint Canada.

He was the Project Manager-Network Services in Sprint Canada's Y2K Business Continuity Plan.

As well, he has completed Continuity Plans for The London Free Press and other large companies.

Don J. Brooks CBCP


  • Presently sits on the Board of Directors of DRIC (Disaster Recovery Institute Canada).
  • Helped establish the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE) for South Western Ontario......Executive Member DRIE - SWO as Director Programs
  • Member of the Canadian Center for Emergency Preparedness (C.C.E.P.)
  • Member of Emergency Measures Mutual Aid Council - London (E.M.M.A.C. - London)
  • Incorporated a Software Development and Distribution Company PriceMaster Sytems Inc. specializing in Optimum Price Determination and Analysis.
  • Incorporated, with two Partners, an Investigations Services Company named INTELINT Ltd..... President & C.E.O. ('94)
  • Past Executive Member DRIE - Toronto.... Director - Liaison (Three Years)
  • Presently sit on the Board of Directors of EMMAUS International (Counseling Services) as one of the three founding members.
  • Incorporated Don J. Brooks Holdings Ltd in 1994

Bell Canada

  • Company interface with Emergency Preparedness Canada (EPC) for Ontario
  • Company interface with Emergency Planning - Ontario
    In this capacity had extensive interface with both Malcolm Scott and Doug Harrison. Conducted a half-day workshop on Telecommunications for Emergency Preparedness Planning - Ont.
  • Sitting member of the Regional Emergency Telecommunications Committee - Ontario (R.E.T.C. - Ontario)
  • Responsible for the implementation of the Emergency Measures Program for Bell in Ontario, including.....
    E.O.P. - Training development and introduction (two-day course with 400+ Managers trained)
    Line Load Control (L.L.C.) for Ontario, interface with EPC.
    E.O.P. Audits and an annual assessment of Emergency Preparedness across the Province.
    Development and introduction of a Business Resumption Planning module for Business Units across the Province.
    Managed the Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC) for Bell Ontario.
    Established the three levels of Emergency Response within the Province......Building (1738 locations), District (73 locations), and Regional (1 location).
    Sitting member of a three-member EOP - Working Committee for Bell Canada.....this entailed the methods, procedures, and policy development for the Corporation.

Note: While in this assignment, was certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute of St. Louis, Illinois, USA as a Certified Disaster Recovery Planner (C.D.R.P.).....only some forty in Canada had this certification. Numerous speaking engagements, seminars, and symposiums have been presented to various groups both internal and external to Bell.....eg. Fire Chief's Association of Ontario, Imperial Oil, Dofasco, C.I.B.C., Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE). At present, is an Executive of D.R.I.E. - Toronto, and just Chaired the Inaugural Meeting of the National Body.....D.R.I.E. - CANADA.


  • Certified Disaster Recovery Planner (C.D.R.P.)
  • Lectured at:
    4th World Conference on Disaster Management (6-hour presentation...Symposium)
    Disaster Recovery Information Exchange - Toronto (D.R.I.E.)
    Disaster Recovery Information Exchange - Ottawa (D.R.I.E.)
    Fire Chief's Association of Ontario (May Conference in Collingwood, Ontario)
    Emergency Planning Ontario (E.M.O.)
    Imperial Oil - Canada
    Regional Emergency Telecommunications Committee - Ontario (R.E.T.C.- Ontario)
    Government Meetings
    International Conferences
    Private Industries
    Service Clubs
    Chaired the Inaugural Meeting of D.R.I.E. - CANADA
    Program Director for Disaster Recovery Information Exchange - South Western Ontario
    E.M.M.A.C. (Emergency Measures Mutual Aid Council - London, Ontario)

Training Completed:

  • Subordinate Development
  • Critical Path / Project Flow
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Bargaining and Unionism
  • Time Management
  • Reading People
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Handling Conflict
  • Client Centered Behavior
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Quality Control
  • Management / Employee Relationships
  • Handling Stress
  • Career Planning
  • Total Quality
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Business Re-Engineering
  • Best Practices

Please use our contact form to request more information concerning Don's services.

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