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"Disasters take many forms. They're caused by gale force winds, sudden floods, releases of deadly chemicals, fire, ice, even upheavals of the earth itself. When disaster strikes, the best protection is knowing what to do."

Emergency Measures Planning

Fire Safety Evacuation Plans, Bomb Threat Procedures, Crisis Management, and establishment and continuous maintenance of an Emergency Control Centre (ECC), are basic elements to an effective Emergency Measures Plan.

The Plan must address:
  • I. Employee Safety and Public - Protection
  • II. Employee; Media; and Public - Information
  • III. Essential Services (Mission Critical): defined / assessed / prioritized for restoration / return-to-business plans developed (Disaster Recovery Plan-DRP).
  • IV. Continuity of Business - Plans Developed (Business Continuity Plan-BCP)
  • V. Essential Utilities and Special Services - Protected
  • VI. Have established; provisioned and tested; an effective Emergency Control Centre, for dealing with Crisies.
  • VII. Interface with First Responders (Fire - Police - Ambulance Services), must be addressed, ensuring Command and Control (Emergency Management) processes are clearly defined and tested well in advance of their requirement.
Sample Plan for a specific Location:
  • A. Purpose & Scope
    Planning Assumptions

  • B. Responsibilities:
    Chain of Command
    Emergency Control Centre Activation Procedures
    Emergency Response Team responsibilities
    Employee Safety Policy
    Company Asset(s) Protection Policy

  • C. Emergency Procedures:
    Building Evacuation
    Bomb Threat(s)
    Hazardous Materials
    Earthquake(s) (if required)

  • D. Maps:
    Floor(s) one for each floor
    - Exit routes (main route + alternate route clearly marked)
    Fire System
    Gas System
    Electrical System
    Back-up Power System

With good Plans in place, frequently tested, and well audited, there is every likelihood that this company will respond to Emergencies / Crisies...

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