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"Disasters take many forms. They're caused by gale force winds, sudden floods, releases of deadly chemicals, fire, ice, even upheavals of the earth itself. When disaster strikes, the best protection is knowing what to do."

Emergency Operations Centre
Emergency Control Centre
Emergency Command Centre

Every business ought to have an EOP / ECC / ECC ready for activation in case of any kind of Crisis Event. It should be well thought through with adequate space, equipment, supplies, and material for coping with any Crisis Event.

A typical Centre will address:
  • A. General Overview
    a. Purpose
    b. Scope
    c. What to do first
    d. Identify ‘other’ documents available for reference

  • B. Responsibilities
    a. Executive Committee
    b. Emergency Management Group
    c. Operations Managers

  • C. Emergency Centre Activation
    a. Criteria to ACTIVATE
    b. Damage Assessment
    c. Restoration Priorities
    d. Resource Allocation
    e. Information Flow
    f. Status Reports

  • D. Key Information
    a. Critical Telephone & Alternate Numbers (internal & external)
    b. Critical Addresses
    c. Suppliers’ and Alternate Suppliers’ Contact Information
    d. Emergency Centre Information
    i. Roles
    ii. Responsibilities
         1. Communications
         2. Data Processing
         3. Transportation
         4. Payroll
         5. Etc.
    iii. Equipment (Storage & Activation)
    iv. Supplies & Forms
    v. Material
    e. Customer Information Process
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