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"If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful after all."


Services & Areas of Specialization

We are pleased to provide consulting services in the full range of Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP); Business Continuity Planning (BCP); and Crisis Management (CM).


In this regard we are pleased to assist via Power Point Presentations on the concept(s) associated with DRP / BCP / CM, to Executives, Middle-Management, Managers, and Employees, as may be required.


We are prepared to document a detailed Planning Guide that addresses how to get the Project: defined; started; phased; gain Executive understanding and commitment; mission-critical processes and services identified, prioritized, recovery windows defined; project work scheduled; resources assigned; capital budgeted & allocated; responsibility assigned; accountability determined; time-frames determined; Work-Shops defined and scheduled; strategies identified; plan developed; training addressed; testing addressed; maintenance addressed.


We are prepared to assist your appointed Project Manager with all aspects of the Implementation of the Planning Guide, in terms of Work-Shops; meetings; training; guidance; education; etc.


Consulting Services are at the rate of $100.00 / hour for a standard 7.5 hour day, for CBCP services, Senior Consultant.

Additional work is at the rate of $150.00 / hour for each hour beyond the standard 7.5 hour day, or any portion thereof.

Per Dium & Travel considerations are negotiable depending on distance and requirements to be on-site….

Any requirement to travel on behalf of the Client, will be at the Client’s expense.

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