What You Should Know About Getting Rid of Bees

getting rid of bees

Bees are some of the most impressive critters of the animal world. Their industrious nature forms a part of the eco-system upon which human life depends. Nevertheless, they will sometimes make their homes far too close to human habitats for comfort and safety.

Because bees are a very highly esteemed member of the ecosystem and therefore removing their hives, combs and honey can take some skill and expertise. In the following article we will cover some of the most important things you should know when getting rid of bees.

Are Bees Protected?

As mentioned, everyone loves bees. Unfortunately, human expansion, industry and the widespread use of toxic pesticides and insecticides have greatly affected the global bee population. This has placed bees on the endangered species list.

However, bees are also a particular problem when their lifestyles collide with our own. Furthermore, they can be deadly in populated areas. Bees are not actually protected by any laws. Nevertheless, there are important guidelines supported by hefty fines for getting rid of bees by methods that are not sanctioned by environmental codes.

No one wants to kill any more bees than we absolutely have to. This is why a professional bee removal service will know exactly how to handle a bee hazard. Using commensurate removal techniques we can ensure that a single bee swarm, hive or honeycomb is completely removed causing minimal damage to bee populations.

Seasonal Bee Swarms

Bees are most active in the spring. You may wake to find a swarm of bees have taken refuge under the eaves of your home or local bee populations are especially active at this time of year. Here are some of the most common places that bee swarms can be found.

• Behind facia boards and soffits
• Garages
• Wall cavities
• Sheds
• Compost bins
• Inside roof spaces
• Between the ceiling and floor boards

Safe Removal of Bees
If your bee professionals have decided that they have no choice but to eliminate the bee colony, this will be done in the best time and way so as to cause minimal disturbance and cover the greatest numbers in a small controlled environment.

After the bees have been removed, the task is not over yet. There will be literally thousands of bee corpses that will have to be removed as well. If these bees were to stay where they lay they will soon putrefy. This pile of decaying corpses can fall into the cracks and crannies of your home and cause an awful stench or attract other creatures like rats, ants and flies to the area if not collected and properly disposed of.

HoneyComb Removal

Another problem can occur when a honeycomb or hive must be removed from any one of the many hard to access places bees choose to set up operations.

Bees keep their supplies of honey safely sequestered in the hive and suspended at just the right humidity and temperatures to prevent the wax from melting. Once the bees have been removed there will be no one on duty to maintain the hive and soon the hive will dissolve into a sticky mess that will drip down on everything below.

Final Notes on Getting Rid of Bees

Bees can cause a hazard to humans and business operations. Because of their importance and delicate nature it is important that certain important points on bee removal are observed during the process. If you are facing a bee menace call up your local bee removal services to discuss a suitable plan to address the problem.

Quality Beehive Relocation

Quality Beehive Relocation

Bees are one of the most important factors in the pollination of our food. Without them over two thirds of our food would not reach the table. This is just one of the many reasons that it is important to consider using a company that specializes in beehive relocation versus killing the hive. While this is not something that should be done be those without experience, it is critical that it is done properly in many parts of the country and the world.

The first thing to understand is just what an important role honey bees play in our world. They are responsible for the transfer of pollen from one plant to another. This means that they aid in the reproduction of plants, many of which we then eat. Without their hard work many people would be left without jobs, security and even food. While their nest may seem like a pest to you, they really are just making a place to live while they do the hard work of pollinating our plants and making honey in the process.

In fact, honey is a very important byproduct of the work that they do. For many people honey is the healthiest means of fighting allergies and building their immune system. Those that keep bees also make a living off of the natural work that they do. Each hive that is killed in an inhumane manner reduces the population while also leading to the harm of the forces of nature and those around us. Doing all that we can to safely participate in beehive relocation will make a positive difference in the lives of those today and well into the future.

Scientists have noted a decline in the bee population in recent years. This is due to a number of factors. Some include the introduction of GMOs, zealous pest companies, changing weather patterns and more. Keeping the bee population not only safe, but ensuring their growth is something that every person should take seriously. Fortunately there are companies that understand this need and work to preserve the population while removing their hives from around your home.

The best way that you can do your part in the protection of bees is to choose to use a company that focuses on the humane removal of hives. Of course it can be intimidating and even dangerous to have a hive that is near your home, but the consequences of the destruction of bees will be far worse. Take advantage of a service that can remove the hive safely so that you can know that you have done the right thing in the end.

Only professionals should deal with the removal of a hive. This task can be very dangerous. Choose a company that has a strong reputation of not only safely removing the hive, but ensuring that they are relocated to a place in which they can thrive. This one small act will benefit not only you, but all of humanity in the long run.

Live Bee Swarm Removal

live bee removal

Modern Live Swarm Removal Techniques

It may be surprising to learn that very little has actually changed in the past few decades when it comes to live swarm removal. Those old-fashioned bee removal techniques are still used today and considered to be the best means to capture and relocate a swarm humanely.

Live Bee Removal Process

The process involves a beekeeper first donning protective gear to help prevent stings. Depending on the type of bees and the size or aggression of the swarm, the bee removal specialist may only wear a hat with a mesh covering for the face plus a pair of gloves. Full bee gear consists of head and face covering, a full body suit and gloves made from materials that prevent stings and bees from getting inside the bee suit.

The swarm is then sedated to make the bees calm and sleepy. Most beekeepers still use smoke to achieve this. Smoke prevents the bees from getting sufficient oxygen making them sleepy. The smoke does not harm the bees. Modern bee removal may use a gas instead of smoke to achieve the same results.

Once the bees are calm, they are captured for relocation in a more suitable area. The beekeeper may keep the bees to populate their own colonies. However, these days bees are also commonly sold to farmers or for agricultural purposes. Bees play a critical role in pollination and are important for a variety of different crops. Their pollination task is one of the main reasons that live swarm removal is preferable to killing or eliminating a colony.

The beekeeper may then search the surrounding area to see if a hive has been established nearby the swarm. If there is a hive or comb in the vicinity, this will also be removed in order to prevent attracting bees in the future.

Why Do Bees Swarm?

It is a common misconception that bees swarm to attack. Bees are not actually aggressive by nature and will only swarm for two reasons:

– The first and most common reason to swarm is to establish a new colony or hive. The hive is essential to reproduction which, like most insects and wildlife, is the main goal for bees.
– Bees may also swarm to protect their hive and queen if they feel threatened. When a bee is killed or stings, it releases a chemical that warns other bees that there is a threat. The bees may swarm in reaction to the threat, especially when the threat occurs near a hive.

Bee Repellent Techniques

Bee deterrent techniques are also very successful in repelling bees to prevent a swarm. These techniques involve removing sources of attraction for the bees and may also involve using strategies that will keep bees away.

It is important to remember that bees don’t want to sting and will go out of their way to avoid this. Bees can only sting once and lose their sting and their life once they have delivered a sting. Although fear of bees has been created in the media, they are largely harmless unless threatened. In most cases, bees will leave humans alone if they are left to carry in with the busy business of being a bee.

Bee removal extermination company in Miami.

bee removal in miami

How to choose the best bee removal extermination company in Miami.


One of the most problematic infestations that a person can experience is the appearance of bees on your property. Although there are many different types of bees, many of which are not dangerous, there are some that can pose a serious risk to some people. A single bee sting can cause individuals to go into anaphylactic shock. For others, it will simply be an annoyance. To eliminate any potential risks that are involved with bees on your property, you may want to find a local bee extermination company that can help you out.

How To Find These Businesses?

Most of these companies will have websites that will detail their services. Some of them are going to be nationally known extermination businesses. They will likely be able to help you with any other infestations that you are currently dealing with. This may include help with mice, bats, or wild animals that are coming onto your property. What you will want to look for is a business that has a track record for providing successful extermination services regarding bees. There are certain characteristics of good companies that will be obvious once you begin to do your research.

Characteristics Of Bee removal in Miami Companies

First of all, these businesses should be aware of the different types of bees that could be living on your property. For example, at certain times of the year, honeybees are going to be near any vegetation or trees that have flowers. They play a major role in the pollination process and serve a very necessary purpose. Therefore, these businesses should also offer to remove the bees which often involves relocating the entire hive. Bumblebees are typically not a problem at all. Carpenter bees could also be there. They can easily burrow into your floorboards, making them hard to find, until you accidentally disturb their nest. By having a professional company do an evaluation of your situation, they will be able to resolve your problem quickly.

How To Choose The Best Company

The best companies tend to have many different strategies for not only removing the bees but preventing their return. They could use a method that involves vacuuming out the hive, or they may place a tarp over the hive to effectively kill the bees where they live. Some may use some type of pesticide, whereas others may wear protective equipment so that they can remove the bees efficiently. By speaking with a representative of each company, they will quickly assess how you can benefit from the services that they offer.

It is so important to control the number of bees on your property. It is quite common for bumblebees, honeybees, and many others to fly-by from time to time. However, if you have a major infestation of these insects, you will certainly want to call the professional to assess the situation. Whether you want to have them removed, or exterminated, they will have those options available. Find out more from a local bee extermination business that can help you fix your problem.

Why Termite Control Should Be Left To Professionals

If there is one thing that homeowners loath is a termite infestation. It is a nightmare to any property owner as these pests are known to wreak major havoc on buildings. An uncontrolled termite infestation can literary tear your house down. In fact, it is estimated that the yearly cost of damages and termite treatment in the US is over 5 billion dollars. This just goes on to show how serious this problem is.

However, many homeowners fail to realize that termite control isn’t as simple as they’d expect. The digital age has granted us a wealth of information and resources, and whenever a concern arises about our homes, a vast majority of us will rush to the internet to find out whether there is a quick and cheap solution. With the internet, you can successfully achieve most DIY tasks, however, effective termite control is a lot more complex.

There are many factors that render DIY termite extermination ineffective as we are going to see later on. Many homeowners prefer DIY projects in order to save some extra cash. This is quite understandable considering you have to take care of bills and the high cost of homeownership. However, when it comes to termite control, your bid to save this little cash actually cost you more and leave your home in an even worse situation.

Let’s take a look at why termite control is best left to professionals.

Termite Control Requires Special Techniques

You might not be aware but there are three different species of termites. Treating an infestation of any of these species requires a different technique from the rest. In order to effectively eliminate the colony in your property, you need to successfully identify the species of the termite and employ the proper treatment. For the average homeowner, it is difficult to identify the species or the required technique. In addition, most DIY treatment kits offer a one-size-fits-all solution that is very ineffective.

Professional exterminators have the necessary knowledge, expertise, and resources to effectively get rid of termites.

DIY is Ineffective and Expensive in the Long Run

In addition to being difficult to exterminate, a termite infestation is also difficult to identify. With DIY, in the rare case that the treatment works, you will only be able to deal with the termites that you can see. However, a colony of termites can consist of thousands and, in some cases, millions of termites, mostly hidden in areas that you can’t easily access. If you don’t eradicate the termites from the source, you will be forced to frequently carry out termite control which will quickly get expensive.

Also, as discussed earlier, most DIY treatment kits don’t work, hence, you will have to try different types of treatments and repeatedly failing. This translates to wastage of funds and time. Remember, the more time you take to get rid of the termite infestation, the more extensive the damage to your house gets.

Professionals know what to look for in order to identify the signs and source of the infestation. After eradicating the infestation, they also put up measures to prevent future infestations.

DIY Termite Extermination is Risky

Regardless of which technique you utilize, termite control products have to be handled properly. There are specific rules that you have to follow, of which you might not understand or be aware of. You also need to have the required equipment. Professionals are properly trained to handle termite control products and also have the necessary equipment.